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My Vision

Hold me to my word.

Climate Resiliency and Public Transit

As City Councilor, I worked to improve our transportation infrastructure. I know that we need reliable and free public transit to improve the economy. To create a livable city, we have to invest in flood prevention and green jobs.

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COVID-19 and Violence Prevention

When the pandemic hit, I worked to support small businesses and provided resources to families facing food and housing insecurity. To put Community First, Waltham residents need to be safe and secure.

Housing and City Services

Waltham can’t become another unaffordable Boston suburb. We need pathways to affordable homeownership and stabilized rents. City services are key to livability. We should invest in municipal broadband, road repairs and snow removal.


 Clean and Transparent Government

I’ve advocated locally and at the state house for clean and transparent government. I will always reject secret deals that favor political insiders. You’ll always be able to reach me and know where I stand on the issues.

Quality Schools and Youth

I led an effort by City Councilors across the commonwealth to secure more state money for schools. Students need social-emotional support, safe and healthy school buildings, and expanded learning including the arts and trades.

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City Planning and Small Businesses

We need a short and long term shared vision for Waltham that puts community first. While small businesses were struggling I created opportunities for Moody St. businesses to avoid potential closures.

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