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Education & Youth

  • Advocated for Hot Spots for youth in the school system through an extensive public-private partnership

  • Supported and secured the construction for our state-of-the-Art High School for our youth

  • Secured $2.811 million in capital renovations for McDonald Playground & Thompson Playground

  • Advocated for Youth Opportunity Institute to increase flexible pathways to graduation for high schoolers

Food Sovereignty

  • Continue to support Healthy Waltham food drives as a multilingual volunteer

  • Supported temporary closure of Moody St (Pine St – High St.) to assist our downtown restaurants and small businesses


  • Acquired data from Housing Division on the city’s affordable housing stock

  • Advocated for Tenant Assistance Fund of over $1 million for Waltham Residents who are renting an apartment or home in Waltham and have been affected by COVID-19

  • Supported Inclusionary Zoning for Affordable Housing up to 20%

  • ​Worked with the Housing Authority to directly address issues at both 48 Pine St. and Winchester apartments

Community Engagement

  • Initiated outreach efforts on Moody St. to support Census 2020

  • Established Community Resilience Committee (CRC) - a neighborhood task force that proactively addresses the many crises that our Ward and city face during this pandemic

  • Requested data for transparency from the Police Department

  • Organized several Ward 9 Town Halls to engage neighbors and other elected officials

Environmental Sustainability

  • Secured funding for Modern Bus Shelters through Traffic Commission

  • Advocating for a comprehensive Tree Protection Ordinance

  • Recruited a pro bono energy consultant for public housing and achieved the following at an assessed value of over $600,000 in improvements in partnership with the Waltham Housing Authority

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