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Meet Jonathan

The son of Bolivian immigrants, Jonathan grew up in Waltham.  His parents were immigrants fighting to provide a better future for their children. They taught him that people are not defined by their circumstances, but rather by their resilience in tough times.

Waltham was home.

In 2007, Jonathan’s family was separated. His father was deported, and family would be divided across continents.

Through the pain and turmoil, Paz became the first member of his family to receive a higher education. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics. At Penn, Jonathan learned Portuguese and centered his studies on the process of globalization.

Paz carried out development projects and research across major economies. He worked with UN Women in Bolivia, conducted a political ethnography in Brazil, helped manage a vocational program in India, and assisted microenterprises across Peru. In 2016, Jonathan returned to Waltham and worked in development and acquisitions.  

As a union representative Jonathan advocated for working class families across our commonwealth. In his spare time, he dedicates himself to advocacy, salsa, bachata, and chess.

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